On disappointment

Erika Barrios As I stretch the bowstring back,  I hear a warm whisper brush against my ear. The wind beckons me to aim higher. I know what I am doing when a burst of air makes my knees buckle, Check your posture, it seems to say, jabbing at my false assurance. Again I steady my… Read More On disappointment


Sofia Bening “Come, come! This one just arrive,so so fresh!This one snakehead, you skin and boil with cabbage.Soft chewy meat,good for brain,your sons and daughters for sure for sure get 100 pointson all their exams!” “Just caught and live!Red snapper!Smiling sea cucumber!The Leaping Buddha Turtle!Bring wealth and prosperity into your homeand into your stomachsfor only… Read More Market



Laurisa Sastoque         Laurisa Sastoque is a member of Helicon’s arts staff, and a first-year from Bogotá, Colombia, studying English and History. Her passions include discovering new music, finding cool places in the city and failing at following YouTube recipes.




A Meaningless Exercise

Mandy Chen 1 ______Tuesday or Thursday this week I woke up an old man. I looked in the mirror as Ibrushed my teeth and found the once vibrant wires crestfallen and frosted. My hair was awedding cake. It was funny and I would’ve laughed but for my aging heart.______At breakfast Mum and Dad had no… Read More A Meaningless Exercise

Best-laid Plans

Rinn Packard CharactersLARK – Late twenties. Woman of color. GEORGIA – Early thirties. Woman of color. SettingA living room. Notes(…) indicates a moment of consideration. (–) indicates an interruption in thought. Words in parentheses are said to one’s self.   Lark stands in an empty area of the stage. The rest of the stage is… Read More Best-laid Plans

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