Half Asleep

I dreamt of you not So long ago, betrayed by My own subconscious. I read somewhere that Dreams are other people’s thoughts. Put me from your mind. Research suggests it’s My own hopes and memories. I thought I’d moved on. I don’t want you now. I’d much prefer my future. How do I let go?… Read More Half Asleep

Orchid Resurrected

Do you remember that book on Georgia O’Keeffe? The one that sat on top of the table in the little cabin tucked away, christened with lake spray and musty wood. You said                                                         “I really want to kiss you right now,” a gust of wind pushed through your chest that made the white curtains heave. You… Read More Orchid Resurrected



Celestial Body



The residents of Grand Island, NE witness very little growth in a lifetime. Every summer, middle school students trudge through miles of corn rows, their gloved hands uprooting the tassels, mud caked up to their knees. In the fall, families drive their minivans to the farmer’s market to purchase a plastic bag of corn to… Read More Goodnight


He rolled the reddish syrupy paste in his mouth, chewing until his tongue dyed brown from the areca nut and tobacco. After a moment, he spat out this paan on the ground, leaving a rusty reddish stain on the ground. His white undershirt seemed clean apart from the sweat stains, so after a cursory check… Read More Safar

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