Margot Amouyal

I have never met so many twins until I came to college –
do more twins go here,
or do we just gravitate towards each other,
smelling the scent of a packed womb past,
and hearing the constant repetition of yes, I am a twin govern our lives.
can we see conception in each other’s eyes –
the naive first glance at the world, shown by the face of someone else,
and continuing to see that face grow with each age, with each year, begin to
talk, smile, cry, laugh –
yet, never seeing through their eyes,
only looking at them,
never feeling the weight of their legs,
only trailing behind them,
never fully understanding the way they see you –
the person they first blinked at, their eyes closing for a millisecond, only to
open and see the same face in front of them –
the person claimed to know you best.

Margot Amouyal is a Medill freshman from Newton, Massachusetts who loves writing, reading poetry, running and producing podcasts. Before starting Northwestern, Margot learned about Middle-Eastern history and reported on Israeli politics in Jerusalem for 9-months. Ultimately, her life goal is to attend the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, the largest gathering of twins in the world.