Laurisa Sastoque         Laurisa Sastoque is a member of Helicon’s arts staff, and a first-year from Bogotá, Colombia, studying English and History. Her passions include discovering new music, finding cool places in the city and failing at following YouTube recipes.




Erin Zhang Erin Zhang is an RTVF sophomore from St. Louis. She loves diorama exhibits and hopes to fill the claymation gap in the film department. Erin has recently received a Media Arts Grant and is in the midst of working on her second claymation short.


Gia Yetikyel   Gia Yetikyel is a poet, multimedia journalist, and artist from New York. She is a hoarder of memories and keeps most of them in her notebooks. She also happens to have a terrible memory.

Just Begun

Honey Butter Honey Butter is a 6-piece soul-pop band based in Evanston. Inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, and Bruno Mars, the band writes and arranges all of their material. Honey Butter features vocalist Alexa Moster, vocalist/saxophonist Austin Klewan, guitarist Jacob Galdes, drummer Oliver Holden-Moses, trumpeter/keyboardist Sam Wolsk, and bassist George Estey.Facebook |… Read More Just Begun


Sarah Loper  

Clean Room, Clean Life

Austin Klewan Listen on soundcloud: Or listen here:   Austin Klewan is a saxophonist, singer, composer, and arranger studying Jazz Studies at Northwestern University. He loves his bagels, New York Times Crosswords and Ken-Kens, and the New York Yankees. With his music, he aims to always be learning and evolving into what he envisions for… Read More Clean Room, Clean Life

When in Essaouira

Lauren Loesberg   Lauren Loesberg is a writer and director whose work focuses on the complexities of the female experience in nature and society. She’s a senior at Northwestern University with a degree in Radio/TV/Film as well as a minors in Dance, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Acting for the Screen. She previously held internships at… Read More When in Essaouira


Chelewynne   Chelewynne is a singer-songwriter and a first-year student studying electrical engineering and RTVF from small-town, coastal Michigan. Her music can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Quadio, or Spotify or on her Instagram @chelewynne/@chele_wynne.


Morning Dew   Morning Dew is a band at Northwestern comprised of students Albert Kuo, Eddy Maday, Siobhan Esposito, Sammy Sobel, Joe Nedder, Darsan Swaroop Bellie, and Tyler Felson. This band of jazz studies students blends elements of jazz, R&B, pop, and rap into a fresh new sound.