Share Your 2020 Story

The Share Your 2020 Story event showcases art created by Northwestern students inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Snowflakes” by Evelyn Greenlee

“I am but a seashell” by Evelyn Greenlee

“Virtually Alone” by Avriana Allen

“The King of the Playground” by Sara McCoy

“We Swam in the Sun” by Laurisa Sastoque

“Hyperboreal” by Eleanor Colligan

“Fluvius Dividit” by Eleanor Colligan

“Wandering the Meridian” by Christian Thorsberg

“Black Suffering, Black Excellence – Black Existence” by Bengi Rwabuhemba

Lessons Learned from Taking Dadi to the Bathroom” by Saahir Ganti-Agrawal

“Havoc is wreaking and my brain is in hell while the world laughs at me” by Amy Shlyak

“Sonnet of Time Travel” by Devony Hof

“No Camera Today” by Stephen Roy Watkins

“Contagion” by Xinyuan (Joyce) Pu