Heirloom Recipe

Eric Pak 1.     Visit the market past the bamboo stalks where azaleas cling to thin air and swindlers grift the crowd. 2.     Among the distant chatters and leaking floors, pick out the Napa from the vendor with calloused hands. 3.    When you reach home, wash the Napa with water, careful not to… Read More Heirloom Recipe

Mama and Papa

Cydney Hope Brown Mama and Papa Inspired by the Life of Septima Poinsette Clark*  My father was born a slave, you know on the Joel Poinsette plantation near Georgetown, South Carolina As a young man, he had to walk the white man’s children to school every morning They learned to read but he could barely… Read More Mama and Papa



Emily Gordon Emily Gordon is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and Design. She enjoys bridging the gap between technical realism and creative freedom.

Leaving the nest

Adelaide Ray Young Adelaide Ray Young is a senior Theatre major from Colorado. She is a screenwriter, director, and actress interested in research based screenwriting and the overlap of psychology and film. Her project “With Bird” is sponsored by The Pritzker Pucker Studio Lab for the Promotion of Mental Health via Cinematic Arts.


Seasonal Offerings

Thrinav Sathya “Well, really, there’s only one man in this world who is capable of killing me. And as I’ve decided to delay my inevitable suicide, for all intents and purposes, now, there are zero. ”  – the assassin known as Seasonal, recorded in a self-evaluation report to the Syndicate, August of 2019    From… Read More Seasonal Offerings

Scrap Metal

Eliza Tucker A few miles out from Route 82 in the low glow of dusk, two men descended on Bell Lane Church in a quiet fury. Having grown up in Clanton, Alabama, Jude and his younger brother Petey knew the church well–they had snickered during sermons and pulled faces at each other from across their… Read More Scrap Metal

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