Stephanie Ugochi Oguine

When asked about the inspiration for this piece, Stephanie said, “It isn’t rare for the earth and the elements to inspire lyrics. I wrote most of the lyrics for ‘Alive’ when I was in high school. I lived in a house that sat in the foothills of northern Los Angeles. My keyboard and mic sat facing two giant windows in my bedroom that faced the mountains. This is one of my more mysterious songs, and I don’t dare and try to pinpoint all I was trying to say back then. All I can remember is that I longed for something more. And I put that into a song. With those big feelings in my young heart, letting nature and the elements be a vehicle for my lyrics may have been the only way to get it all out – to capture what was longing to be said. ‘Wind,’ ‘sky,’ ‘clouds,’ and ‘the song of the bird’ helped me explain how I felt back then. And in the middle of 2020, it was the element ‘fire’ that helped me finish the bridge and complete the song. You can listen to ‘Alive,’ anywhere you stream music.”

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