Category: Biography

Luke Peterson

Luke Peterson is a junior studying mathematics and physics. He is from a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, though he says he is from Minneapolis. He just wants to play music with his friends. “Playing the music is real, physically and whole. Then it’s gone. But it’s still there, in the air, in the mind, it… Read More Luke Peterson

Noah Franklin

Noah Franklin supposes he’s sort of a writer nowadays. But it’s not about him—it’s about the words. And it’s not really about the words, is it? It’s about where they come from and where they go. Hmm…Word.

Marco Alvarez

Marco Alvarez is a junior psychology and creative writing major from Madera, California. He loves fun.

Elizabeth Cameron

Elizabeth Cameron is a junior studying comparative literature and math. She likes allegorical art and David Sedaris.

Meredith Belloni

Meredith is a junior studying cognitive science and linguistics from Lafayette, Louisiana. She enjoys painting but did not make this particular piece on purpose. Her paintings try to capture feelings she doesn’t have names for.

Marielle Issa

Marielle is a junior from Philly studying musical theatre and English literature. She is fond of Philadelphia, Beirut, Santa Fe, and Houston.

John Nawrocki

John Nawrocki is a senior economics major from Centennial, Colorado. He enjoys spending time in nature and aspires to someday be artistic enough to justify his coffee addiction.

Monica Garcia

Monica Garcia is a junior studying Creative Writing, Latinx Studies (#DepartmentalizeAASP&LLSP), and Spanish. In addition to thinking about how memes are a form of critical pedagogy, she also spends her time day-dreaming about buying a home big enough for her family, and owning a cat.

Syd Shaw

Syd Shaw is a junior double majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism. Syd is from Sylmar, CA. Their passions include long distance running, 80s pop music, and witchcraft.

Pauline Moll

Pauline Moll is a playwright-poet from Grayslake, Illinois who likes ballet, Grey’s Anatomy, and doing the crossword. She graduates in June with her B.A. in theater and is off to travel the world with the service and performing arts organization Up with People. Who knows if she’ll ever come back?