This issue is the culmination of creativity, passion, and unyielding dedication to the arts and the written word. Our contributors have created pieces that traverse time and place and memory; I am truly in awe and filled with inspiration by the work that fills these pages. From poems about loss and love to stories that delve into worlds parallel to but different from our own, this issue exemplifies the spirit of Helicon and the arts at large. As we have experienced the ebb and flow of connection and isolation over the course of this year, these creations capture not only what it is to be an artist but also what it is to be human, breathing through one day to the next.

I would like to recognize and extend my gratitude to those who have made this issue of Helicon possible: donors who have contributed generously to keep us afloat, especially as a newly financially independent organization. The English Department at Northwestern, which has continuously shown support for what we do. I’d like to thank the rest of the executive board and the editorial board for putting in the time and effort and heart into making Helicon a successful magazine and an amazing community. Thank you, finally, to our faculty advisor, Brian Bouldrey, for loving Helicon forty years ago when he was in my position and loving it still today. 

I hope that this issue can do for you what it has done for me: spark life into the mundane, draw attention to what once went unnoticed, connect the threads between an image and a feeling, and destabilize those things we thought we knew but didn’t. 

Things have been uncertain leading up to this moment, and it will continue that way. But we will not let go of the pen or the paintbrush, even with a trembling hand. Hold on with us.

Abeje Schnake


The works published herein are the sole property of the writers and artists who created them. No work may be used without the explicit permission of the author or artist.