In the pages you are about to read, the myriad artists, poets, musicians, and authors who contribute to Helicon Literary and Arts Magazine will guide you through an eclectic, emotional, and engrossing journey. From a plethora of gorgeous pieces that provoke questions on the nature of selfhood and purpose, to works that contemplate our relationships with the ones we love, the art showcased in this issue reflects a remarkable sense of humanity. I cannot wait for you to feel the same sense of awe that our staff experienced when we saw these pieces for the first time.

Helicon would not be here today if not for the wide community of supporters who make it possible for us to publish our magazine each year. For over forty years, generations of innovative contributors and inquisitive readers have been dedicated to making Northwestern’s artistic and literary community thrive, and we are so thankful for everyone who has helped us pursue this goal. We would like to thank our many incredible donors — friends, family, Northwestern students, and alumni alike — who have provided their support year after year, aiding Helicon as we continue to grow. Special thanks must be given to Northwestern’s English Department, whose passion for Helicon continues to support us every day. I am so grateful to everyone who has made this magazine possible, and that also, of course, includes the many members of Helicon’s executive and editorial boards who have spent this past school year dedicated to making this organization the best that it can be. Finally, our advisor, Brian Bouldrey, has poured endless love into this magazine for countless years, and I am infinitely thankful for his guidance.

As you read this issue, we hope that these works inspire you as much as they inspire us. We encourage you to pick up your pencil, paintbrush, or instrument, and express yourself. There is always new art to experience, and we always have new art to make. Because of that, we ask you to go out and create some.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our magazine.

Lily Glaubinger


The works published herein are the sole property of the writers and artists who created them. No work may be used without the explicit permission of the author or artist.