Here it is! Helicon Literary & Art Magazine was founded in 1979 by Lisa Getter, Christina Calvit, and Michael Steele. Forty years ago, these members of Chapin Humanities Residential College started this magazine, whose Winter 2019 issue we, the staff of Helicon, now present to you.

As you browse this issue, we hope you love the pieces as much as we do. For every piece you see, know that you’re looking at the product of hours of work, from the contributors, from our editors, from all the people who came together to make this magazine possible. In a way, Helicon is the work of hundreds of people—every person who submitted their art, poetry, prose, and every person who supported them or taught them along the way. It takes courage to create something personal and share it, so we thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to look through this magazine. To those of you reading in support of a friend whose work is published here, thank you. To those of you reading because your work is published here, thank you. To those of you reading with no personal connection to this magazine, thank you. We have so many talented creators on this campus, and we’re so proud to showcase their artistic endeavors. Helicon celebrates this university’s vibrant artistic and literary community and its participants from every school of Northwestern.

Special thanks is owed to the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives, whose continued support keeps Helicon going. Thank you to Director of Residential Academic Initiatives Bradley Zakarin, Associate Director Nancy Anderson, and Program Assistant Mary Dworak. Thank you also to Chapin’s Faculty Chair Susan Lee. Since Helicon’s beginning, we’ve enjoyed a close relationship with Chapin, and many of our contributors and staff members have come from the residential college. Finally, thank you to Elzbieta Foeller-Pituch, our incredible Faculty Advisor. This issue wouldn’t be possible without you.

Here it is!

Katherine Steiner, editor-in-chief


The works published herein are the sole property of the writers and artists who created them. No work may be used without the explicit permission of the author or artist.