Shelby Schultz

–after A. Van Jordan

White wine, white teeth, white lie, two pair, flush
cheeks. I deal with her knee grazing mine,
hoping my diffraction smooths her brow, but
nothing is easy except her raising and the bluff.
So little pellucidity, so little ambiguity – she won’t whisper
what cards she holds. What she mumbles decidedly:
no big blind, all-in. A shuffle, after she pulls
my cards down – not with her hand, but her
hair, which would shimmer amber, when it
grazes my shoulder. She wins and I’m under the gun.
            So few inches contract between our lips…
            It’s elegiac to see the cards laid on the table.



Shelby Schultz is a third-year Radio/Television/Film and Asian American Studies student from Dallas, Texas. She is currently working on a poetry project about Kitty Genovese.