Study in Longing

Roy Zhu a willow tree late in summer, bending towards the water my mother’s hair through my fingers as i pluck each strand of white the snow still falling on your tongue as twilight comes on the letter i write in my head: sincerely, I love you, I’m sorry, goodbye a whistle from the train… Read More Study in Longing


Olatunji Osho-Williams Royalty ravaged my family tree, the invisible white hand of the market, that tore roots from limbs from names and sucked our sugar and beat us with the cane.   Royalty ravaged my family tree, so my blood runs through forests, and jungles, and leaves red rubied streaks stretched about the Atlantic: a… Read More Krio

The Hunter

Asiyah Arastu I follow my grandfather into the woods beyond the rusted gate, my eyes trained on his muffled outline. He plods along, steady and deliberate, and he motions for me to step where he steps, to speak softly, if at all. Day-old deer tracks dot the snow. Always, during these forays, he is careful… Read More The Hunter

Sound Poem

Mak Carnahan Mak Carnahan is a member of the Northwestern University class of 2026.


Elijah Elvin My mom asks me if I’ll go run some errands real quick to pick up some supplies she needs I’m a natural homebody, but she’s been up all day making my dinner and doing my laundry Put on a black hoodie, black sneakers, black hat and black pants to fit right into the… Read More DiabeEBTs


Mak Carnahan Moonless, sunless dome, Sinking under smog and smoke Where grudging extras drag their feet.   We circle snow white cottages On London Street near the reservoir, Passed a house we were kids in.   I wish I were perched on the decorated Mantelpiece, embers crackling under my toes As you tear through neatly… Read More Silverlake


Olatunji Osho-Williams After a three-day reunion with my childhood home, my dad recommends I mow the lawn, and before I pull on shorts and an old band t-shirt, I connect-the-dots of scars and bumps grown in barefoot summers, when my backyard promised answers   What does the moon feel like?   Knees scraping the driveway.… Read More Humid


  after Tyehimba Jess Roy Zhu                                                 the season clear and bright             i stir to the scent of this air            … Read More Qingming

Reeling in the Anthropocene

Levy Deckard With calloused hands, two fisherman slouch clandestinely spinning threaded glass from murky shallows of storm drain deluge to pseudo-solid sands of cracked concrete. Their divine watery domain sits beside the confines of the Richmond Road McDonald’s bordered by a thronged megachurch christ has overlooked. Alack! The hulking concrete, corporate chapel clouds the smoggy… Read More Reeling in the Anthropocene

Night Creatures

Ginny Lee We couldn’t fathom how anyone could love us With our sharp tongues And our sour little hearts, coated in bitter butter So frozen in fear that they reached out in all directions And recoiled at the last second Springing back into our rib cages with such force That our chests heaved and wheezed… Read More Night Creatures