Elijah Elvin

My mom asks me if I’ll go run some errands real quick to pick up some supplies she needs
I’m a natural homebody, but she’s been up all day making my dinner and doing my laundry
Put on a black hoodie, black sneakers, black hat and black pants to fit right into the Black mass
Checking my phone to realize it’s check day puts some pep in these steps for my Black ass
And it’s Friday night, I know the 40 crew’s buzzing around, guzzling beers, and brewing up a fight
Money routinely finances the fermentation of the alcoholic abrasiveness for this environment’s inhabitants
A self-abasing nature is part of why terms like thugs, hoodlums and criminals harmonize our curt nomenclature
I try to put myself in a dissociative state of nirvana by closing my eyes and wishing for peace like the Dalai Lama
My mental meditation is muddled with an interruption of internal conversations and my soul windows reopening
The lady now in front of me is talking to the receptionist about treatment for her systolic heart murmurs
Their pulsating presence is disturbed by a prophet’s paranoid prognosis just from his family history
Dialysis, leg amputation, MS, strokes, bad feet, enlarged heart, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes
Will a genetic wheel of misfortune be the driving force between an immutable meeting of morbidity and mortality?
I feverishly ache to leave the pharmacy now with a few doses of paternal impatience
My nervous system anxiously whispers to itself for me to concentrate so I realize why I’m here again
To pick up maternal prescriptions for a bag filled with mind-regulating capsules and a box of NovoLog pens
If she gets more than she’d bargained for, that would keep Medicaid mail a sick sight to eyes that are already sore
Only sublime observers of subordinate clauses could’ve seen a subtext’s semantics through the healthy subtitles
As this brown pupil vets over insurance quotes being understated due to medical claims that are grossly fabricated
Specifically from that Puerto Rican physician misdiagnosing mi madre con Spanish flu-like symptoms
Parental pain is subgenerationally submerged with the subjective subtraction of subsidized healthcare coverage
Yet I’m not the one subjugated under substantially higher risks of a stress-induced subconjunctival hemorrhage
A real-life subway surfer is still submissively sandwiched between nonsense to feel lower than a sub-zero subscript
Is a substantive lawsuit for Hispanic subrogation a complementary substitute for socially secure supplements?
A subjunctive hypochondriac’s subconscious hypocrisy subtly never subsides
Clearly when he hips check a door with a subliminal sign for the accuracy of hip replacements on it to get outside
2 dingy-ass rides, a ‘98 Acura and a ‘01 Pontiac, double parked, back to back, simultaneously blasting music
I don’t blame them though as I also listen to self-soothing rhythms of artistic muses to write my feelings to and fro
Easily picking out the smells of malt liquor and sweet swishers from old stubborn fools stuck in stupor
Who are ready to start shit, at least I’m burning more calories while speed walking to the supermarket
A future bachelor examines expiring dates on packages of bacalao with bachata playing in the background
Backpedaling on previously grounded opinions about ground beef after a new doc battered him on what to eat
But he still has some beef after studying how their preservative processes prematurely end expectant heartbeats
Fatty streaks retreat as a poorish pawn hyperextends his juicy dark arm down under some meat for more yeast
My head is infectiously inflamed with fury and reflexively jerks itself into a spicy space of backwards thinking
Retrograded readers add fuel to a famelic fire with a compensatory payment of attention that’s never odd or even
Join my selfish reactance in its attendance to the carnivorous kanaval of a Caribbean cattleman
No sinner man could have extracted an excommunicated excretion of my culinary faith from a Catholic catheter
Fòse moun yo fè sa yo pa vle fè se tankou eseye ranpli lanmè a ak wòch!
Only a jerk would give up his chicken, griot, oxtail and Jamaican patties for his soul to not be purely washed
So a houngan shall subject their spirit to being hectored by the haunting serpent of Hyppolite’s art
Ain’t no way in hell an antisocial adolescent with an animalistic mindset like me is going vegan or I won’t eat again
But the hypodermic hypotheses of a mysterious white savior keeps me hyperfixated on hypnagogic hallucinations
Where I help Hippolytus curry another horse as he flips more burgers while wearing a bikini with no bottom
Becoming an anticholinergic wordivore is the only way to block the hypersomnia of my hippocampus
Hypermetrical measurements are taken as I annotate Hippocratic oaths on red beets for a irregularly long period
Mad Yankee hatters fan themselves off as old men pause to wipe sweat away from heated hair and foggy glasses
Perspiration persists for the batly blind with bone-dry cottonmouths who have hot flashes in front of full hydroflasks
I happily hydrate in food deserts with 4 literary liters of librarians’ lessons from an endearing fountain of wisdom
A bibliophile’s breakfast from an international buffet of vocabulary so my day can start with a bookish abbiocco
Traveling 100 miles on different continents of consonants, popping pills of vowels as vitamins to keep me energetic
Digesting research on my people’s social mobility and academic dissertations about anti-slavery on my cheat days
The novel weight of my intelligence could not be gainsaid even amongst all these alliterated lunches
So I can obliterate the type of thoughts that involve Hawaii being its own country with fruitful punches
Knocked into a reality’s receipt of added sugar, shitty cancer odds, shady checkoff programs, and cheeseburger laws
No more wabi-sabi for wasabi sauce or eudaimonia for Greek yogurt when I hear “Yo, let go of my fucking shirt!”
The domestic sound of herbivores being disrupted from their recreational consumption of the devil’s lettuce
Chronic intake of this tonic ironically attracts the most infamous opponents of the onyx-skinned: New York’s finest
Sus activity towards the scrofa causes a boorish blitz from those who look to bluntly rough up pot passers
With an aggression that’s antonymic to nervosa, yet similar to those of both Bosas
>A passel of unpasteurized Landraces can shoot you in the chest like Bishop in
Juice to shake up a bored youth
I’m simply a rook trying to be a knowledgeable knight and get checks made for a brilliancy prize
So I won’t be a Black square stuck inside of a king’s county where the queen of my life and I reside
These species are grilling each other and I can’t hide, I wish I could put all this bullshit to the side
A boar’s head is slashed with cold cuts while another uses vodka to swab a swine’s wounds from pork-pulled guts
Chocolate and vanilla hands turn counterclockwise to make neapolitan knuckle sandwiches in seconds
Sidewalk splattered with the color of ripe strawberries turns me into a road runner to escape predatory premises
Metropolitan rumbles unsurprisingly further damage the shaky foundation of the normally chaotic projects
Firsthand accounts tragically enumerate a home invasion and too much dysfunction at my 5th birthday party
Add 3 months of getting bullied by the age of 7 to summarize my serious hex of being forever frantic
This prime perfectibilitarian is an outstanding outlier of deliriously outlandish outcasters
They socially put a stank on us Atlantic islanders whose New York times go unseen until summer’s hottest contest
I’m panting and praying harder than a mantis for chances to take a band of brothers with me on a voyage to Atlantis
Or at least somewhere nicer outside of these red lines in which they planted us
I don’t wanna be the only one putting together pieces of my mind on a peaceful college campus
A muddy-mettled pigsty from Benson’s hearse through wickedly flat bushes is often a native son’s final destination
Dog eat dog world where graves end, so-called monkeys dogmatically shepherded to be niggardly in their evolution
Bitch-ass corporations and fishy-ass sponsors propound to keep my melanin hogtied in a mellifluous endowment
Where mellitus is meticulously inherited, my mind drifts to think of those who nomadically skid on train rows
It ravenously reveals discourses of the pigeon-livered disabled who are disrespectfully distinguished as disposable
I look in the distance past the incinerator towards a cyclone and tell myself to thank God I finally made it back home
On this good Friday, although I wasn’t grazed by a copper-plated bullet or tagged by dark tips that are hollow
Realizing I forgot to get that special milk for Mommy’s
crémas was the toughest pill I’ve ever had to swallow.

Elijah Elvin is currently a freshman at Weinberg with academic interests in Black studies, creative writing and political science. This Brooklynite specializes in Afrosurrealistic stories that deal with themes of race, poverty and oppression. His poetic inspirations include God, his family, Black art and a miracle baby’s curiosity.