Kiersa Berg

The colorful lines,
criss-crossing and zig-zagging
go where they’re getting.

Wrapped in a bed sheet,
he asks, “where’s Crate & Barrel?”
Needs their white china.

Yelling at the moon,
Or the fluorescent above.
“is He at this stop?”

Walk down the aisle
exchanging a wedding vow
for a pack of squares.

Sweethearts never smoke,
but ask again to be sure.
she’s only thirteen.

Dressed up in a suit
wasting away shivering
his wife made him lunch.

Cart from Jewel Osco
filled with a life to be lived
amidst capital.

Everyone reads palms
when they’re looking down at them
vacantly waiting.

Kiersa Berg is a senior studying Environmental Science and Creative Writing. Her special talents include making a somewhat visually appealing poached egg and parallel parking perfectly on the first (or second) try. You can find her walking around campus with an overstuffed backpack.