I just want to expel something terrific.
Unterrible, unlike the foul bile silt spit from my lips in the iHop bathroom
Late night, early morning kitty corner from the bar in which the reckless youths of
affiliation bend and mash toward one another like polarized magnetic opposites
ripped apart by the slow degradation of intellectual capacity
Who are hurdling toward old age and oblivion like stuck spaghetti on kitchenette
walls thrown to see if it was cooked properly splat on the cabinet exteriors which
tuck in our feeding troughs apart from and expectant of the hand that marshals
them to further usage too late in the day under cover of darkness and endless
television white noise to drown out the cacophony of
Seven half-bowls of cereal
Five Oreos in a bowl milk pored over
Chips and guac
Half a chicken
Intolerant of feeling
Shove speed detaches action from feeling
The expulsion again and—
I just want to expel something tremendous.
Memorable, sticking, enough to stay after I’ve become was