Elysia Lopez

The winter sunlight dimples silky waves,
Its polka dots of white on satin blue.
I wear the glittered garment, let it save
My mind for muted hums and thoughts anew.

The sky begins at earth’s horizon line,
Or at my steadfast lips, my breath a cloud –
It’s one, the sky and sea and breath combined.
I float between them both, let blue enshroud.

I let it wash my thoughts and breath away,
Or let it cover me, my skin, my soul,
I let its touch erase me where I lay;
I let the vastness swallow my mind whole.

I never think, as sunlight rests its crown,
To swim is not so different than to drown.

Elysia Lopez is a sophomore at Northwestern University studying computer science and creative writing. In her free time, she likes reading fantasy novels in the Periodicals section of Main library, or playing the NYT daily games.