Blair N Donohue

           There are the unknowable things: what the crows in the
trees are discussing today, in shrill, nervous voices; which of the
papery sailboats crossing the Bay will somersault, unexpectedly
into the rock;
                     whether the cable car driver will hear you as you
           call out for him to wait, wait, just wait for me, please;
           why you start to sob as you run down the hill, screaming
           at the already moving cable car;
                               why everything leaves you exhausted
                     and weepy and papery these days—the formal
                     politeness of your neighbors, the lady at work who
                     did not know your name, the crows who call
                     nervously to one another from the tops of the
                     eucalyptus trees.
                                         Whether it will always be like this.



Blair Donohue is a freshman anthropology major. She is also a licensed midwife and has helped with the delivery of over 150 babies.