Julianna Feit

While the stars shone bright
before the clouds rolled in,
I trod between Éire emerald pastures
on grey gravel ground toward

The bleating of over-sheared sheep
in the distant fields
of my father
harmonized my trek.

My delicate hair I stuffed up
into grandpa’s woolen tam
to mimic the manly
silhouette of a shepherd.

And I contemplated myself with
my head faced down into the pebble road,
kicking the rocks as I went.
Until my path was blocked

And I was greeted by Féiniúlacht
whose truth glowed bright enough
behind holy stained glass eyes
to illuminate Their smile in the darkness.
                 A storm is coming.
They said to me in a language
I’d never heard before.
                And you will protect me?
I whispered back.

The response sounded native
on my tongue
and I realized I had been
longing for its taste.

Féiniúlacht laughed and the sound
blazed my bones in a jolt
of starlight that burned
the deadening cold I’d felt before.

They kicked a rock of the path back
to me with a confident
gust from Their spirit.
And when I returned my eyes to
where the godly expression had hovered,
Féiniúlacht had already blown into
The wind.

The wind
Th esurrounded me and
The surroublew through the grass to
The surrou blewgive breath to all creatures
The surrouthen carried the storm which
Th ebestowed life to my kilt
as I continued on the path into the dead of night

and I began to smell the rain.

Julianna (Julz) Feit is a sophomore Radio/Television/Film and Anthropology double major from New Jersey. They’ll usually say yes to any opportunity, especially if the opportunity is “do you want to pet my dog?”