Spring 2022

The White Tiger of Gansu

Roy Zhu / 朱若忆 The sun set low over the sound of horse hooves on the empty steppe. It was early in the first term of the year, and clouds had broken low over the mountains and brought snow. Still, the rider crested the ridge of the road, showing no signs of softening his pace.… Read More The White Tiger of Gansu

Where There’s Smoke

Kennedy Birtcher I have smelled my fair share of smoke and you, you smell like all the sweetness of it. You’re in the firepit first. Broken gathering breaking bread when dad throws the cat back over the neighboring fence and I am still young enough to laugh until Mom is broiling grease. You’re in the… Read More Where There’s Smoke

When Paul sang of singing blackbirds

Ian Mahanpour Do you remember? When Paul sang of singing blackbirds? Who cry at the dead of night Wanting only to learn to fly? And in frantic jerks from left to right Grope for sight with those sunken eyes? He was wrong, you know, They sing at dawn. But unlike choruses, they do not sing… Read More When Paul sang of singing blackbirds

Self-Portrait at the Grand Canyon, North Rim, 2011

Roy Zhu / 朱若忆 this far West, you forget sometimes, when the guidebook jokes to you like a familiar, that you’re the strange face who mars the perfect picture. you long for the postcard road trip, the fantasia of open roads and freedom, but do you still believe it? three weeks sleeping in motels &… Read More Self-Portrait at the Grand Canyon, North Rim, 2011

A Single Whoosh of the Grocery Store Doors

Kate Stumpf When the man and the woman walked in the doors whooshed open one time as if they were arriving together. Then the woman, or maybe still a girl, with forgotten foods tattooed on her hand in quickly scrawled pen marks strode toward the tower of baskets and picked one out for herself. And… Read More A Single Whoosh of the Grocery Store Doors


Aleah Vega For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be naked. Not like that-I’m not a whore. I just hate wearing clothes. I hate being covered. I like to think I’m beautiful, at least compared to the girls in my grade. What’s so wrong with allowing other people to enjoy that? To… Read More Sasha

Fruit Stone Sister

Claire O’Shaughnessy Purpled picante, nectar bested Pulp sticky-ing my tongue Drink like it’s nothing, tapioca for tap water Juice raindrops on shirt-fronts Swell me in your basin chest Bite me up and chew me out Like a seed Fruit freak caught in your teeth Kitchen sink, thumbprint press Pray me to sudden summer Open elbows… Read More Fruit Stone Sister


Moyana Olivia Moyana Olivia began recording original music at fifteen, creating her signature sound through pensive piano melodies and inventive harmonies. In addition to songwriting, Olivia takes on the roles of instrumentation and production in her creative process. Olivia is currently a Musicology Major at Northwestern University where she performed at the 50th annual Dillo… Read More Smile

six flags

Laura Ferrucci I fell for you all late summer steam and dark humid rain, +++++electrically charged fingertips and cursive smiles. I didn’t even open my eyes in the deep to +++++see and mourn what I had lost … The moment you balanced your feet next to mine on the curb and +++++bowed your head +++++to… Read More six flags

do you remember

Anna Xiao Do you remember how I was dropped into your waiting arms seventeen years ago? Was I heavy, a bundle of meaty fists and flailing limbs? Did I cry? Did you cry with me? I hope they were happy tears. Were your wishes of becoming grandparents fulfilled? Did I look like my father when… Read More do you remember