Lucia Padilla Katz

sometimes i forget the majesty of
the woman’s body, how it moves through us
i’ll turn in the mirror wet hair laced on
my neck; the deep curvature of my waist
hips roll the edge like how my back is tan
yet like my mother’s face toasted and brown

my pores yearn to be filled with that sweet, sweet
melanin; to look like my mother’s mom
maybe to look like my brother’s sister
my back aches for on it i carry the
weight of a thousand women, no, bodies
too perfect dimples of fat hang over
my bony hips just like miss alicia
i like more that i look like alicia
i wish more that i look like alicia
my back is tan, when in the light of day?

Lucia Padilla Katz is a second year Theatre and English major. She enjoys collecting funny quotes from friends, overloading her Google Calendar, and FaceTiming her dog, Lola.