Seasonal Offerings

Thrinav Sathya “Well, really, there’s only one man in this world who is capable of killing me. And as I’ve decided to delay my inevitable suicide, for all intents and purposes, now, there are zero. ”  – the assassin known as Seasonal, recorded in a self-evaluation report to the Syndicate, August of 2019    From… Read More Seasonal Offerings

Scrap Metal

Eliza Tucker A few miles out from Route 82 in the low glow of dusk, two men descended on Bell Lane Church in a quiet fury. Having grown up in Clanton, Alabama, Jude and his younger brother Petey knew the church well–they had snickered during sermons and pulled faces at each other from across their… Read More Scrap Metal

Bumble Bea

Alijah Hill He looked like he was maybe still half alive. Or she. I think most bees are Hes if they aren’t the queen, and God, I hoped this wasn’t the queen; the queen of bees going out alone, limp on the concrete. There would be no reason. So I convinced myself it was a… Read More Bumble Bea

Men and Women

Olivia Mofus My mother, despite her public classiness, often makes the same joke about giving us breast milk. Whenever we’d say something about the past, or act childishly affectionate towards her, she’d say, “Aww… do you want breast milk?” pushing a boob, heavy with age, towards our now-annoyed faces in the same raunchy manner –… Read More Men and Women

Patron Saint

Maeren Quirke When I was 14, I determined two things about my future: I was going to be a ballerina, and I was going to marry a Protestant. Both resolutions came about because of my parents. My father had a reliable job working in insurance, and my mother was a housewife. Neither of them encouraged… Read More Patron Saint

A Civilised People

Olivia Mofus A Civilised People “For Obukpa people, God is everywhere and in everything. You can talk to him through the sun, or through a star, through the moon or through an iroko tree or even through a mound of clay.” *** In those elementary school days, my mother made sure to bring us to… Read More A Civilised People

wrestling wind

Kaitlyn Hung The prickle of outdoor air dances through my nostrils, its unfamiliar temperature and humidity filling my lungs. I inhale—diaphragm, chest, stomach—in in in. I exhale—whoooosh–pushing the air out out out that same path with a powerful contraction of my diaphragm muscles. A heavy sense of calm coats my body and mind. I breath… Read More wrestling wind

Bayshore Boulevard

Ava Paulsen “So here we have our watermelon.” In front of Dr. Thomas Stevens sits a swollen, green watermelon. The top has been cut so it’s flat, and the bottom is leveled off as well, so it can sit on the table without rolling. “Now, if I were to place this metal block on top,”… Read More Bayshore Boulevard

The Stifling Entrapment of an Eternal Moth

Ginny Lee There is a moth who sniffles and sulks at the train station at every dawn without fail. I am there most weekdays because the coffee shop I work at starts its daily cycle around then. The moth would greet me with a nod as we became friendly strangers. For the first few months,… Read More The Stifling Entrapment of an Eternal Moth


Alijah Hill Dinner sat on the table. It was a prime roast that had been simmering in the oven for the past four hours and forty-five minutes alongside perfectly diced onions, carrots, and potatoes–all the same size. The inner portion of the meat was rosewood colored, and the glaze was precisely and evenly distributed throughout… Read More Anya