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National Parks Suite

Landon Hegedus: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet & composition Louis Danowsky: alto saxophone, clarinet Sam Wolsk: trumpet, flugelhorn Sean van Dril: piano Alex Warshawsky: bass Jared Decker: drums


Muerte Fria

You Cannot Cleanse What is not Dirty

I was 4 years old when Babi showed me Every scar of every branch of every tree in the world. A funeral of flowers Kissed the bodies in the bags. Flags of red fused with flesh. Sobs of those innocent, stolen, Danced in the forever of a frightening wind. Babagjyshi stood in front, behind His… Read More You Cannot Cleanse What is not Dirty

Can’t You See

Brandon Wozniak – Tenor Saxophone Patrick Adkins – Piano Graydon Peterson – Bass Luke Peterson – Drums & Composition

What the World Thinks of Perfect Halves

When the comet split into two I watched it fall in suspended motion held in time as if guided by an imaginary hand pushing one wave over the next in a slow descent – then, finally a crash, somewhere off-site shrouded by the thick canopy – an exhale so dense, such heat, it fogged up… Read More What the World Thinks of Perfect Halves

Nine months of cross-pollination

At six in the morning on a Monday I helped Meredith out of my shower. She’d climbed in it, fully-dressed, while I was on the train back from work. This was after forcing her way into my apartment and giving my roommate a panic attack. She left a gross brown slurry in the shower, what… Read More Nine months of cross-pollination

Not Made of Metal


Eve: the sweet sex, her deep engendered debt; descent remembered, she ever regretted her greed, her tree, her theft, her hell. He (pressed sleeves, stern) pledges he’ll never sleep ere she meets the terms he expects: kneel, tremble, weep, bleed. Endless dresses shelter née-free knees (flesh tempts the men); the temptress – decent – detests… Read More femme

Loose Change

The letter that had brought her to this very bench in Retiro Park lay folded neatly in her right hand. She didn’t like the way it felt in her left, where it would nudge the silver band on her finger. So there the letter rested in her hand, her hand on her thigh, her thigh… Read More Loose Change