Timia Quincy McCoade

Tear through my flesh
& leave a prayer in my carcass 

or slip it behind my ear
on our way up I-95 

press it into the dryness of
my palms in December 

while I’m too distracted living
the life I dreamed of at seven 

I listen to folk & can sit through
feature-length films now 

brush through my hair
& shower with the lights on 

I call my mother on the weekends, she
likes to hear me build castles in the air 

I live my life like an ocean now
& I’m sure of what I’m going to do 

No matter the form,
neatly folded or at my knees 

leave a prayer, darling












that I’ll stay the best version of me.

Timia Quincy McCoade is a Medill first-year studying Journalism & English.