Alexis Bodrick

seriously y’all God sends His angels into that cold
white space, a hangar of portals to the ends of the world as we know it;
and yet you…you always seem so bright, so warm, bundled
in those tight fitting sweats, flaunting those curves. 

in that white space, that hangar of supposed endlessness (portals spanning the globe),
we supposedly find each other, melanated queens in our
tight fitting sweats, flaunting our God given curves,
just trying to get to G13 with our luggage intact. 

we find each other, melanated royalty, you crowned by halo, me
crowned by frizzed out locs pitifully kempt by an old bandana
just, for the love of God, trying to get to G13 with my sanity intact! and in
that moment, just when my heart can’t seem to take it, there you are 

crowned by a wig perfectly blended with perfectly pressed edges, lashes on fleek
perfectly put together, smile on your face, good in your heart, always there, just
when my heart can’t seem to take it, in that perfect moment, your angelic wings
open, ready to take me, to be my shelter. God, you are 

so precision with that smile on your face, that good in your heart, perfectly placed;
you…you an Angel always so bright, so warm, bundled in those
angelic wings, openned, ready to take me in, to be my shelter. God,
even in that cold, You always send Your Angels.

Alexis Bodrick is a writer. She usually writes fiction, but poetry is definitely a hobby of hers. She wrote this poem her first year here, when she was really nervous about travelling to and from NU on her own. Luckily, there were some really nice black women who saw that I was nervous and made an effort (no matter how small) to make her feel safe. This poem goes out to them. Hope you enjoy!