Marcelo Quesada

a stampeding swarm of frothing
clots of earth kicked up in an infinite series
huffing beasts
huffing muscled legs

past the tension that rests on the skyline
pulled taut like slack
frothing up and lapping rocky beds
we watch each others breaths coagulate, other times
follow as it billows down in wisps and subtle sheets;
i eye the lake and wonder how it sounds when
the ice cracks

the ebony-glassed eye,
full of nothing
and full of instinct
guarded and bound by
masses of muscle and lungs
set towards some point
somewhere forward
somewhere forwardforward
somewhere forward forwardforward

I imagine reaching into your chest
to rummage around the soft tissues
odd organs and organ-sounds
trying to find bits of bone and earth
between the east and left
to see if you heave and deflate the same
from the inside

(and so there was a fantastic sight;
the sea parted, water stopped, teeming
and upwards
and casting
up at the top like some fabled vaults
left rapt and god-adjacent)

hooves beating dead and dry

shadow-casts of you
swirling together like some probiotic sea
aggregating at the soles of my feet

we eat clocks;
time mashed by molars
slabs and clods
rushing out when your mouth
gapes to let spates of light
ooze out and fill my room
(was there a time before you)

the charge halts
a carcass at the origin
of an idle pasture
lying on its thick side
the buzzards chanting out
careening on fell wings
in fell air

i tell you we are
perfect points that
expand and strain
you are an amoeba
looking for something
to sink your teeth into

refracted parallels
a numen of the body that
rung like mad trumpets
suspended behind the
cavernous sternum;
something there
no longer here

a vestige of itself
is a vestige of itself

the rag trots
further on, forking
at the lithe corpse

we feast and fill
our guts sick
on the teething spirits
of this place;
it’s three-thirty-three
in the afternoon
and we cast rocks
upwards to try
and crack the moon

Marcelo Quesada is graduating this spring with a major in art. he loves moral philosophy, grabbing coffee, trying new restaurants, and vintage clothing.