Jonathan Van De Loo

I do not recall the day my soul left my body. It floats above me, perched in the upper corner of every room with the glamour and stylized eye of a cinematographer. Hm.

I miss the days when my eyes were open.

Mornings like this I wish Matt Damon were still young, face bright like sunshine, hair tousled and aglow, age 23.
Good Will Hunting (a film I have never seen, though very much expect to enjoy) has just come out. The cinema lights shimmer above gaggles of heads. I walk into line with a man at my side, my hands inside the pockets of a heavy brown coat, my breath condensation on air thick with chill. Perhaps it could be autumn. The air hums, tremors with beginnings. No thoughts paid to endings, nor to heart wrenching climaxes, or slides off into (plop– kaput!)

There is companionship. The start of a start of a film. Warmth on a frigid night. Problems wane as far moons. Pale skin waxes rosy with frost.

This, This! This anticipation! Preparation for coming goodness & Contentment which comes with it. What a special, precious thing.

[Insert here the sound of a sigh]


Jonathan Van De Loo is a theatre student from Albany, New York. Lover of breakfast, puppies, and Rihanna, he is excited to be a part of Helicon and is inspired by all of the amazing work produced by Northwestern students!