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Today’s segment is entitled

Musings of a perplexed black millennial

Remember when Jericho couldn’t be conquered?
Occupation creeps on ya like that.

For the revolution

A notebook and pen
A good pair of walking shoes
And some snacks
(for good measure)

We are the feeling folk
Black affirmation and aspiration

When do black superheroes get to retire? I mean, Darwin is supposedly indestructible. Don’t you think at least he should’ve been able to survive the coldest war, Chicago winters, be the baby boomer he was meant to be. Or become. I mean if Darwin lived thru it all, played the white folks at their own game, told the mutants this shit’s not new they been hunting us niggas down from the get go, so there ain’t no getting up let’s go. I mean if Darwin lead the way and settled down with some other nigga in the cayman islands and popped quaaludes and lived large and ate good and tossed salads and directly contributed to my fucked up economy today, where this college degree might not do much for me, despite it all. I’m not saying it’d be okay, but at least he would’ve been able to take a break.

Look out for pigs in pig’s clothing
Oink, oink
Point, blank
Point, bang
She stares blankly while swallowing her ham

How do you disable facebook autoplay?
350,000 hits on Google
It seems Black Death is irresistible

Black lives matter, Black lives matter, No justice No peace, No racist police


Finding my true love on Tindr is impossible now a days

I need a bulletproof man I said
Oh darling this world is at an ending
I will stop pretending
My mind it needs protecting
To weather the weather
And guns to the head
I need a bulletproof man I said

Girl whatchu singing up in the clouds about? Don’t you know? Luke Cage will take us to freedom

Zoom out, cue outro

black boi tries to fly,