Anahita Kaman

I have never slain a beast.
Laid waiting,
Watching, for the moment
The wind dances in my
Favour, the light of the moon highlights
The flesh where I can make a mark. The pity in my heart falls
Away to brute desire
And all is right.

The prey is ripe tonight.
It has been taunting me, teasing me,
And I consider if perhaps now is the time. I hear
The screaming in my gut, feel the
Scratch marks down my hips, see the
Blood between my legs, cursing
The ground where I stand.
And in my pink, delicate heart, I know the time is right.

I am temptress to my prey, enemy of its reflection.
It looks at me from below long lashes and hooded eyes
Red lips and siren song
Soft curves, but not too much so,
Just enough that an hourglass
Dares to turn and condemn
Her to death.

Anahita Kaman (Ani) is a sophomore from Hong Kong studying Biology, World Literature, and Business Institutions. She likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain; she’s not into yoga, and likes to think that she has half a brain.