Spring 2019


He rolled the reddish syrupy paste in his mouth, chewing until his tongue dyed brown from the areca nut and tobacco. After a moment, he spat out this paan on the ground, leaving a rusty reddish stain on the ground. His white undershirt seemed clean apart from the sweat stains, so after a cursory check… Read More Safar

Summer Melancholy

It was floating in space with no confines, choking on last moments that gouge eyes out of skulls and leave a blood stain on the Great Unknown. And it was flicking the switch that makes everything from the tacky red knobs to the cherry wood cabinets yellow. So yellow that the room becomes a rotten… Read More Summer Melancholy

Prayer Thoughts

gods feel real   as the dead, as dreams and memories (half-faded, buried in damp earth and clean wood) all which cannot be touched   is equal under the harsh light of memory (flickers and buzzes like cheap fluorescents) my past is as strong as I am   a thought worries away at me with dirty fingernails some… Read More Prayer Thoughts


I have forgotten more than you will ever remember. Time’s merciless progression has rested lightly on me, yet her watchful spectre still haunts my path. I laugh, now, to think I once believed you and I were disparate. You aged, you mourned, you died; and I, who have denied these forces all my existence, now… Read More Colossus

On Recitation

(call the crowd/class/love interest/obliging parents/pet/wall to attention) (inhale) (3.67 second pause, for effect) (in the manner of a washed-up actor teaching A Midsummer Night’s Dream to 9th graders who have previously been vaping in the hall): The author (.91 second pause) (as if expecting the court scribe to lunge for a scroll and quill to… Read More On Recitation

Deep Sleep

Editor’s Note

Dear readers, As always, this issue of Helicon includes pieces from a range of artistic forms on diverse topics, with little in common but the obvious hard work and talent of their creators. As we enter the fortieth year of Helicon’s existence, we celebrate the artistic and literary undergradu- ate community of Northwestern, whose work… Read More Editor’s Note