Roy Zhu

we start as the book of changes,
two to four to eight, elemental

signs in the warm red center
of our mother’s body. rising

from the dark, we find ourselves.
our breath, a long sort of whole, 

divides into a pulse. we distinguish
quick and slow, empty and full.

isn’t it miraculous? life is change,
and we are each a changing kind

of witness, one to another. to see
as myself, i hold my breath and feel

all else dig in or brush past me.
when i must heal my mind, i try 

to feel these things: dawn breaking,
the edge of the earth receiving

the sun. the heat from the earth,
heat emerging like an animal 

from beneath my skin. like a planet,
my body contains many living things,

turning in a motion that remembers
generations. my tears and laughter 

call my family to fill my orbit
with infinite fullness. i am a planet

held in the great circle of all that
i love. this is my healing, my spirit

my way home. 

Roy Zhu is a sophomore English and Environmental Science major who grew up in Greater Boston! His favorite poet at the moment is Rumi and lately he has been listening to Victoria Monét, Rico Nasty, and Kali Uchis.