nineveh none of it done by a son of a gun in it
aces in holes foretold the damnation of these souls
feet clad in wool sheets and hands trembling to raise something just dazed

by bright blinding light binding what is right to rights codified and quite
disturbing I say touché if I may
it’s, perturbing when they say enchanté

make way for the petty play of Jesus jesters and swords turned westward

the ace in the hole up the sleeve of ask Jeeves when a new nineveh was found in a blue bit of a
kismit chthonic jizz shit piss on it

now I’m not a rocket scientist but the topic of the above sentence may be elusive to those less
intrusive into my brain space than a musclebound masked man with a huge steel mace

the point is the new space anointed with the about face of God’s green grace has been sprayed
with jizz piss and shit

I want to dispell any notion that these bodily potions were used as skin lotions by those across
the western oceans

they boast “rust knife vasectomies can’t get the best of me” while in reality when gelded we
have to start selling weed like gimps to economic dominatrices
imps for dominant matrices which demarcate what satiates our thirst for hate

a new nineveh for wasting good sense at the expense of all good things new beauty for these
hoodlings shooting shouting ooby Scooby and doodle doobies on blank concrete canvases
canvased by discrete preying mantises stalking streets and paying advanced scarab kisses to
fund men of a new nineveh

Luther Snagel – image seller, lives on stilts, swimming through the oil. He is producing poetry and music.