Winter 2020

Refraction, or, the passing of years

the hardest part iselasticity i remember when all was iron-cladi knew how to count the days andthe hours that wrought themi rememberthe smudge of iron lefton the pads of my fingers where we touchedthe dizzying rotation of earth around sunand the shadows she cast,inadmissibly real in the unbent light now in the timelesshourwhen the light… Read More Refraction, or, the passing of years


             Silence is a synesthetic sense —                           she synanaesthetizes us                           into that soundless spaceless nearly analgesic place                           where the static of the beating of                           the heart rises and falls                                                                   and falls                                                                                             and falls              and falls where things grow (in the place where nothing grows),                          from rock bottom… Read More Somnambulist

What It’s Really Like to be a Young Woman of Color in Tech

“Practically every day that passed, older, married men stared at my body. Meetings were dominated by white males droning on and on, often talking over their female counterparts or ignoring them altogether. White women sometimes seemed to feel like they were competing against you, rather than working with you.” Eda Yu, “What It’s Really Like… Read More What It’s Really Like to be a Young Woman of Color in Tech

To See and To Be Seen

Whiskey Aubade

You left your whiskey on my bedsidetable, your curlers beneath the window,you left my heart feeling like glass.(At least it felt like something.) The hickorychessboard had all its pieces moved sometime—what is this smell outside my window? Your car exhaust? I could smell it on your fingernails, the exhaust.Do you work often, leaving things on… Read More Whiskey Aubade

The Huckleberry Lament

damn it, huck,when that fancyman comingwe been drifting two thousand dayson these shitty rivers with our souls,waiting for some place to leave ‘em innone of them knocks is him just some big dog screamingor some vagabond kickingdown trees in a forestthat doesn’t have no lifeno grazing deer, huck,‘cause their own damn godsaved ‘em and left… Read More The Huckleberry Lament

new nineveh

nineveh none of it done by a son of a gun in it aces in holes foretold the damnation of these souls feet clad in wool sheets and hands trembling to raise something just dazed by bright blinding light binding what is right to rights codified and quite disturbing I say touché if I may… Read More new nineveh

Tough Boy

from Stuart Dybek’s “Daredevil”                a golden shovel poem  Take a ticket scalper or the hand with an Indian scalp, ese gnawin on a Cuban spewing here’s where you get yours and a cuppa broken knuckles that don’t scream no more, do what you think they gotta do. Start massaging cab door cauliflower ears into… Read More Tough Boy

Vibrancy in Gloom


Audax the Damsel (Sofía Stutz) is a bilingual rapper. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in Evanston. She is majoring in philosophy and minoring in Latin American studies. You can find her music on YouTube and Spotify.