Eitan Pessah


The soft, white blanket covers everything
the eye can see. A voice through quiet rings
and I turn around to the scene behind
me. The lake a frozen jigsaw, beehive,
full of cracks and all, but again the call,


My eyes scan the crunchy, sprawling snowfall
landing on a shaggy creature sitting
on its paws. Even from afar is written
the mischief in his eyes, as if to say
“Who? Me? I’m not trouble.” The truth? He plays.

The chase now over, dog caught, the two blur
into the distant powder the color
of eggnog. Minutes pass, the wind wanders
over the winter lawn and I ponder,
racing to piece it together until

dawn. What it means and crafting a molehill
as I ask, “Is there anything to be
learned or am I too eager to find the
purpose and meaning in what is not there?
Could just be a story out of chilled air.”

Yet my thoughts return to the caramel
brown animal and the human miracle
of loving things. A bit irrational
to love, but then humans aren’t curable
of their lacking logic. The pair are bits
of the greater picture, and as time ticks

on and on and on, I begin to see
the space between the cracks and all. The key
to understand the larger human need
to lean into love and that when we bleed
in answering Cupid’s call, we must give
our all and exit Heaven’s gate like snowfall.

Eitan Pessah is a second-year Theatre major and Business Institutions minor. He enjoys writing across multiple genres and is excited and honored to be published in Helicon!