Ginny Ip

I want the world. I want to swim in the ocean
while it rains and not be afraid of drowning
like a discarded piece of plastic
dragged along by the waves, suffering
until it nearly kills me and then I want to run away
from the neon lights of the city and lie down
somewhere I would not know one day from the next
except for the sea of stars that appear each night
and the phases of the moon telling me
all the things we do not know about the universe.

I want the earth. I want to walk in the
wilderness and feel the sun dancing on my
shadowless face while I flail my way through
weeds and bushes not surprised by the sting of
thorns on my legs nor the beads of sweat
running down my back no, I would be in awe
of the birds in the trees and the pretty little flowers and
all those things we do not know about the universe.

I want to feel it, live it, learn it all
before the universe shuts its eyes one day
and all this will be just
a wanting.

Ginny Ip is an economist by training and an artist at heart. She hails from the proud city of Hong Kong and fills her time reading, writing and thinking about her freedom. @unfree_is_me