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No Camera, Today

Stephen Roy Watkins It’s time now to open the window into my bedroom. Not the one formed by a hole in the wall, But a window on the scratched and hazy Screen on my laptop, or perhaps my desktop, Or maybe I’ll just say “I’m on my desktop. Sorry, no camera today.” No camera today,… Read More No Camera, Today

Sonnet of Time Travel

Devony Hof When travelling to past primeval times, I took my cups of coffee, advil too, And when I heard the clock’s insistent chimes, I grasped its hands and let them pull me through; I’d come to gas-blown, burning, cracking skies, A gauze of adolescent stars by night. I followed strings of reddish butterflies, Consumed… Read More Sonnet of Time Travel

Lessons Learned from Taking Dadi to the Bathroom

Saahir Ganti-Agrawal Your life for the past three months: “I need to go to the bathroom.  Where is the bathroom?” Your dadi [grandma] asks. “This way. Come on, go in, come on, go in, come on, go in,” you say, as you nudge her through the door. Tip #1: Be chill, or at least pretend… Read More Lessons Learned from Taking Dadi to the Bathroom

Black Suffering, Black Excellence — Black Existence

Bengi Rwabuhemba Kwame Brathwaite, Unititled (Garvey Day Deedee in Car), 1965 – Used with Artist Permission The photograph is dynamic, colorful, alive — but still, pondering, calling our attention, softly, loudly. The dark bodies, kinked and hot-combed heads of the children lining the periphery of it encapsulate this movement, this dynamism. An unseen elbow in… Read More Black Suffering, Black Excellence — Black Existence


Xinyuan (Joyce) Pu CHARACTERS Mother Husband Doctor PLACE China TIME 2020 Note: Mother and husband wear masks. The doctor is in full medical protective suit, so we can barely see their face. “/” means when a character gets interrupted.   Scene 1 Doctor’s office. Mother and husband are waiting anxiously. MOTHER This is not going… Read More Contagion

Havoc is wreaking and my brain is in hell while the world laughs at me

Amy Shlyak Here it is, a short story of what once was. Nobody Asked for this but here it is anyway. A short while ago, a Very lovely girl lived with her One true love. They lived together in Complete harmony and loved each other like there was no tomorrow. In the midst of their… Read More Havoc is wreaking and my brain is in hell while the world laughs at me

Wandering the Meridian

Christian Thorsberg We teeter in the penumbra of Old Style sign glow and German-smelling hops. Noble gasses cast their OPEN sheen upon our liquor-glossed eyes, pupils swirling until the world tips back in sync. Time has begun to progress on a diagonal. The evening, which began as drinks at our usual woody pub, and quickly… Read More Wandering the Meridian


Eleanor Colligan I wonder if we strive to own the ice- the earth in her deepest of slumbers. Glowing like iridescent bone under the tiny white pricks of the cosmos. No trees to whisper breathy secrets between rustling leaves. No violent green skies to overthrow brick foundation built upon ancient roots carrying the marks of… Read More Hyperboreal

Fluvius Dividit

Eleanor Colligan The dull thrum of the River Styx, with its violent apathy, more known for its desperate lust for human lovers, for human bones, riddled with memories, To read the years, the so many years that stack up like tally marks scratched onto a prison wall, like the growing number of rediscovered playthings, when… Read More Fluvius Dividit

We Swam in the Sun

Laurisa Sastoque Before, showerheads with their bashfulness fogged skin parabolas and body hair, when the sole curvature we had caressed was the dried shell of a half-gourd submerged in a tank of still water. We bathed with the same nonchalance of the creole dog— to intruders, beast, to siblings, guardian— who mounted both his paws… Read More We Swam in the Sun