Spring 2018

Call It God and Move On

I am at home the first time my mind lets itself outside my body without asking and no matter how frantic my hands get they cannot stop my brain from breaking the lock. My mom has been on a low dose of Celexa for five years—“just to keep things under control”—and she holds my hands… Read More Call It God and Move On

Some Enchanted Night

Performed by No Exit Peter Goggin – Alto Saxophone Jackson Courtright – Trombone Levi Schwartzberg – Vibraphone Adam Astrup – Guitar Charlie Lincoln – Bass Luke Peterson – Drums and Composition


charm and balls: all a man has, all a man can want.   that rat bastard Adam can land a lass, that rascal’s award: that gal as a martyr.   a thrall. that man’s tyranny, that gal’s warm hand.   any braggart’s talk (all balls) can grandstand. call at dawn   man’s wrath drawls past… Read More mask

Brier Rose

Where We Are

-1-   He came in the window and let some flurries into my room. I told him to close it as I shrunk into my blanket. He stood, nose dripping, for a second. Then I lifted the blanket and he whooshed in like a cold breeze and filled the spot. We kissed hard. The door… Read More Where We Are


A dozen paper windmills spin in winter, jabbed into the dry ground, untouched by the snowfall hanging heavy on the tent. In faded blues and golds, the circus rises alone.   Between the white cloth walls, children run and I follow. Our portraits hang in the folds, Victorian and dead-eyed. Perhaps we have already died,… Read More Carnival

it got down to negative fucking twenty two degrees when I was driving north on 4 hours of sleep to get to this site by sunrise.

grey’s anatomy playing in the backroom of a carniceria

when i was 10 years old, my friends and i would play a game as we waited in the cafeteria line for lunch. curving the length   of our fingers into a cul-de-sac, we, hooking them to our waists, would ration our fat. the bones in our pointer and thumb were solid enough to become… Read More grey’s anatomy playing in the backroom of a carniceria

When We Were in Dreamtown