Winter 2023


Mary Caserio <muffled> Three, two, one, go. You can’t read in your dreams. Not really. Think back to the last dream you remember. Any reading? Probably not. Ok, really think back. Is there any dream you remember reading in? Maybe? Sort of? Ok. Picture the letters or numbers as they appeared. I’ll wait.  Are you… Read More DreamVaults

Next to Me (feat. RHOME)

  Moyana Olivia (feat. RHOME)     [HOOK] Evenings, mornings, afternoons Sparkling eyes and coffee spoons Endless hours spent next to you From the sun and greenery To the snow and falling leaves Say that you’ll stay next to me Next to me Next to me [VERSE] It’s like, ever since the day I met… Read More Next to Me (feat. RHOME)

Nightly Ritual

Ryan Morton Shower water drips in the name of the father, son, And holy spirit from the negative space between Palms I baptize you. Jesus Christ, crucified over The doorway,  it’s awfully late now to do this, But I need to ask:  Do you ever think of Gesmas down below? Who bothered to autopsy his… Read More Nightly Ritual

Clytemnestra’s Pieta

Chloe Chow Chloe Chow is a junior studying classics and religion. She enjoys ugly graphic t-shirts, malaphors, and the sound of the lake. You can usually find her on Twitter, unfortunately.

Dearth Vader

Arav Mediratta July 17, 2020 (This is a weird piece I wrote based off of a malapropism I uttered as my mind grew fractious a few months into isolation in the COVID pandemic.) Dearth Vader everyday I wake up in a place called TAMPA a giant blue orb like the most polished lapis lazuli is… Read More Dearth Vader

cough syrup jello soul (with peaches)

Ginny Lee There was a dawn When freight trucks rumbled by my window When time felt like discarded coins In an abandoned arcade I pushed my hand into my chest To keep it all in My soul, I mean “It’s leaving me. So what, So shit.” I thought about many things As I held tightly… Read More cough syrup jello soul (with peaches)


Asiyah Arastu The narrow stairway with dead spiders lurking in the corners opens into an expansive basement. All available wallspace is occupied. Long wooden shelves mounted on steel brackets line two walls, floor to ceiling, stacked with clear boxes. Layers of fabric peek through the cloudy plastic. Some boxes are labeled—tulle, batiks, corduroy, denim, cotton… Read More Dadi

Your Time Is Done Now (A Self Love Overture)

Audrey Clarendon Audrey Clarendon is a current first-year from northwest Missouri studying Physics & Astronomy and Visual Arts. You’ll likely find her overthinking, painting barefoot, or professing her love for breakfast sandwiches.

incantation / cosmology

Roy Zhu we start as the book of changes, two to four to eight, elemental signs in the warm red center of our mother’s body. rising from the dark, we find ourselves. our breath, a long sort of whole,  divides into a pulse. we distinguish quick and slow, empty and full. isn’t it miraculous? life… Read More incantation / cosmology


Collin Porter Collin Porter is a third year student studying Environmental Science and Musicology. He enjoys observing everyday scenes from new perspectives, usually with a camera and a pair of earbuds.