Her killer is cannibalistic time:
a virulent strain of clocks and moons and tides.
for as long as time has eaten time they’ve told the sick
you still have time but
anyone on borrowed time knows
that passing time steals all your time, knows
how borrowed time bleeds like sun before the dusk settles
and dies before the dust settles —
anyone on borrowed time knows,
and never settles.

Her killer is a virulent strain
of clocks and moons and tides
whose speed of time accelerates unchecked
the greedy twin of her beloved time
who bought her one more bleeding sun
in a body that strained [still strains] for
more clocks and more moons and more
tides and more time

May I never settle, but my heart hang
where her heart hangs —
dripping with gravity how the hands of the clock hang [time of death: 18:30]
my heart hangs, and my heart still hangs wherever
borrowed time runs out — my heart hangs there, and
hour-hand holds minute-hand [until the warmth leaves her hand]
in the perfect eclipse,
where one second-hand [still stands, and]
beats sixty [to a hundred] times per minute.

Ali Lang is a junior studying psychology and philosophy. She is interested in the ways we represent, remember, and relate to one another.