Nathan Omprasadham

Blood drips down
cold books with
cracked spines
and vice grips
with stories
of heroes
and heartthrobs
with light skin
and these books
they take hold
and hold fast
and won’t go
and they ask
no questions
of those things
they don’t know
but we know
our stories
less spoken
less forefront
yes we know
of heartthrobs
and heroes
so different
with wide hips
and full lips
and sharp smiles
and pigment
not upheld
by ivy
or towers
of ivory
but bursting
with lifeblood
and blood of
left bloodsoaked
with no hope
of reclaiming
of slow growth
and soft no’s
and dreams out of
that cold books
with cracked spines
might turn page
and make time
for new tales
of old times
that aren’t yours
but are mine

Nathan Omprasadham is a junior from Sri Lanka studying English and Philosophy (in that order). He likes cooking more than he likes eating, and reading more than writing.