Chloe Chow

a corpse bubbles up
from the hardwood
and pushes its palms against the floor
to look me in the face
you don’t remember me?
you strangled the breath from my chest,
cut your finger on the shovel
as you tried to shove a planet between us.
                                                                            i don’t recall.
you tied me up and gouged out my eyes.
 you were the last thing i saw.
                                                                            how did you find me.
i can feel your hands around my throat.
                                                                            why are you here.
please take me back.
put your hand in mine or around my throat.
                                let me go.
                let me go.
and we sink to someplace quiet and full.

Chloe Chow is a freshman studying biology and religion. She enjoys badly named pets, fancy cheese, and the smell of the air at night. You can usually find her scrolling through Twitter, unfortunately.