Nathan Omprasadham

A peach is only a part (apart?)
a piece (apiece?) oh please (oh please!)
a piece just waiting (waiting for taking)
for taking a piece apart (a part?)
apart! (apart!)

The same is true of a heart (a heart?)
a heart! (a heart) a piece, a part of
your heart (my heart?) your heart
(my heart…) a heart that’s taken
a piece apart (my heart…)

It’s a heart that’s yearning for art!
(for art?) for art! (for art…) yes
your heart is learning, it’s learning
and yearning for art! (for art!)

You’ll find this art in a pair
(a where?) a pair! (a pear?)
a pair! (a pair!) a pair of
hearts is an art (an art!)

This peach of heart
(once taken apart)
like peaches and pears
(it’s sweeter to bear)
this art of a heart in pairs

Nathan Omprasadham is a junior from Sri Lanka studying English and Philosophy (in that order). He likes cooking more than he likes eating, and reading more than writing.