Chloe Chow

you’re chewing holes in your lip
folded up tight and clean
++++++arcing and trembling
++++++i can hear you praying from here.
jesus, you’re loud.
++++++i don’t think that’ll get you far
damnation is an ugly word
++++++smudged near the edges
+++++++++++round and full
baby, i’ll make it feel like something else.
he’ll take you from the earth
+++++let you swim in it
++++++++++just to touch, never to look
+++++there’s no peace in that
+++++heaven is weighty, burdensome
it’s antisublime and finite and knowable
he won’t take my notes
but that shouldn’t matter to you!
you were meant to roam free
+++++dance in the blaze
++++++++++let the coal urge your soles on
this is freedom, motherfucker.
++++++++++++++++this is Eternity.
i’ll bring you your salvation.
i’ll put a bullet between your eyes.
+++++++++++wanton and tender.
my blood flows clear
+++++++++++and you can hear it.
you deserve this.
++++++you deserve this.
after all this, you deserve this.

Chloe Chow is a freshman studying biology and religion. She enjoys badly named pets, fancy cheese, and the smell of the air at night. You can usually find her scrolling through Twitter, unfortunately.