Elena Andrews

How beautiful it is that one
Little thing,
A drop of color that spreads in
Nature’s own perfect way,
Can change everything.
I step outside and blue upon
Blue upon
Blue comes
Crashing down on me and
I want to be untangled suddenly to
Roam the wild reaches,
Fingers tracing patterns through the
Clear sky like ancient runes
I knew long ago,
Whose power conjures up
Through my ancestors,
Rushing over the turbulent
Mediterranean Sea and
Up outcroppings of rock
Into the soles of my feet
To my bloodstream,
Billowing suddenly out
The long tendrils of my hair
Until I stand bathed in gold
Like Athena upon
Mount Olympus,
Wisdom like purposeful
Strides guiding me through
Forests and deep underbrush
To hidden groves
Of old,
Lost quietly in the surrounding
Greenery from a time when people
And watched,
And listened,
And waited patiently for endlessness
Even if it didn’t come.
Waited patiently for Mother Earth
To say,
“I am here.
Come see the wonders I have done.”

Elena Andrews is a third-year student from Iowa studying history, political science, and data science. She loves taking long walks, visiting coffee shops with her roommate, roaming a bookstore, and spending hours in a history museum.